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Your source for managing the required Department of Transportation forms for traveling with your service dog.  



Under the new Department of Transportation law regarding service animals, airlines are allowed to require that you submit the Service Animal Air Transportation Form 48 hours before travel.   


At no cost to you, you have the independence and control to maintain a valid form on file which will be used for every trip on participating airlines.

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  1. Fill out the electronic Service Animal Air Transportation Form.​

  2. Receive a unique identifier for the handler and service animal combination

  3. When you book a trip on a participating airline, submit the unique identifier through our system to receive authorization for travel

  4. Receive email confirmation of authorization to travel



Click the Access Forms button to submit your form or request travel on a participating airline.



Your forms will be stored for use on the following airlines.

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Gina Emrich - Founder

Gina began her career in aviation in 1987 at American Airlines and has worked in a variety of roles focused on innovation and improving the customer experience.  She has been involved in everything from working with travel agents, developing codeshare relationships, revenue management, onboard product development, and service recovery.  

The past 10 years have been focused specifically on the Customer Experience, including journey mapping, data analytics, and the implementation of new products and procedures to improve the customer experience.  Several years ago she became involved specifically in making travel more accessible. She was the chair of the Airlines 4 America committee on accessibility and is also on the Passenger Accessibility Working Group for IATA. Last year she transitioned from American Airlines to consulting with Open Doors Organization where she continues to be actively involved in improving the experience for passengers traveling with a disability on domestic and international airlines. Gina speaks at a variety of travel industry and disability conferences to share ideas about accessible travel.

Her goal in partnering with Open Doors Organization to start Service Animal Travel Solutions is to make the new service animal document requirements as easy and seamless as possible for both passengers traveling with their service animal and airlines.

Open Doors Organization

Open Doors Organization (ODO), a 501(3)c non-profit disability organization based in Chicago, IL, partnered to create Service Animal Travel Solutions (SATS) as a free service for members of the disability community who rely on service dogs. This convenient, centralized database for mandatory DOT service animal forms is also designed to simplify the process for air carriers, domestic and international, who subscribe to SATS. ODO has worked to improve accessibility in the aviation industry since 2004, holding airline and service company symposia and a biennial event, Universal Access in Airports, which brings together all industry stakeholders with the passengers with disabilities they serve. ODO is a member of disability advisory boards at several U.S. airlines as well as a working committee on accessibility at IATA, the International Air Transport Association.  The organization has delivered both disability awareness and Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) training to over 50 international airlines, both large and small, and serves as an Acting CRO for both domestic and foreign carriers.

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Tel: (800) 865-9173